Photo restoration
Don’t give up on the old photos. We can restore almost any photo, including badly damaged faces, hands, feet and complicated background areas. Pictures that are in several pieces can be reassembled. Faded colors can be restored. Estimates will be provided before work is done.

Graphic design
Our graphic designers can help you create that perfect corporate image, professional looking presentations and the documentation you need. Let us help you build more business by creating professional, interesting and eye-catching marketing material. Here is a short list of some of the work that we can do:

  • Marketing material (brochures, handouts and other documents)
  • Business cards
  • Logo creation
  • Charts and graphs
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Poster and banner design

Image scanning
Our flatbed scanners can be used to digitize any flat image. We can help you preserve your photographs, your child’s drawings, your diplomas, contracts or anything else you would like to have in a digital format. If it’s flat, bring it in and we’ll scan it for you.

You don’t own a digital camera but want to reap the benefits of digital manipulation on your photographs or movies? We can help you by scanning and digitizing your prints and movies. Once transferred to digital format, you’ll be able to easily manipulate and transmit your photographs and movies.