It’s Sunday and the last day of our sprint to New Hampshire and back. Driving the first two hours of the return yesterday really helped to make a dent in the trip. We started out just before 9AM this morning and the traffic was light on the way to our “exchange”. Oh yes, we planned a dark alley meeting to procure some Thomas trains at a very good price.

On Friday we contacted someone selling a wide variety of trains and struck our deal. Luckily it was on the way back home and so the plotting began. We’d meet at Dunkin Donuts, which was perfect – we could distract the kids with a tasty treat for breakfast while daddy snuck out to the parking lot to do his deal. I spotted the would be seller as he entered the well hidden parking lot. I made some sort of excuse and hastily exited the establishment at a quick pace. Then, flashing the cash, I signaled to the driver who crawled cautiously out of his vehicle (checking all around for would be spoilers). He pulled a small unmarked bag from under his jacket and handed it to me; I slipped him the cash as we shook on it. After checking to make sure the goods were real and he counted his take, we parted ways with a nod.