I’ve been to Latvia and Peru and Turkey and Iceland and Kenya and a dozen or so other places, but there is a lot of the United States I have never seen, even here in New England. My old/new friend Judy offered me the use of her New Hampshire chalet for a summer holiday. B (who did most of these photos) clears his schedule, and we are off for a four-day weekend of chilling out. To make the most of our abbreviated vacation, we leave after work on Wednesday evening, at nearly 8:00pm. There’s a reason that I mention the late hour.

It is foggy and rainy and dark and about half-way there an insect gets into the car who makes not one but several meals of my flesh, leaving me with silver-dollar-sized welts on my arm, behind my ear and where my thigh meets my hip. This is just a hint of what NH’s Mosquito Nation has in mind for me.